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Johanna T.

Mini Vanilla by meokami
Mini pixel above by meokami!
I'm a girl from Kouvola whose hobbies are drawing, cosplaying and occasionally photographing. Since you somehow found your way to my page, hope you like my art!

Animated Snowflake Icon (For Dark Backgrounds) by Gasara

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Animated Snowflake Icon (For Dark Backgrounds) by Gasara
:iconsokyo: tagged me! :> look at her fabulous avatar

1. Dolf vs. Alfred?
I like them both but I'll say Dolf. His character development was nice to follow.
okay well maybe my interest towards Germany has something to do with this haha

2. Which is the best chocolate?
Chocolate by Fazer is the best! The classic milk chocolate is really good and Fazerina (milk chocolate with truffle filling) tastes amazing too ;___; I want chocolate now

3. Yaoi vs. Yuri OR BOTH?
both are okay
BUT I won't watch/read something only because it's yaoi/yuri, it has to have a good story or characters or something else that catches my interest. Urgh I just had a memory from when I was 15? and tried reading a yaoi doujinshi. "this is nothing but gay porn WHAT'S THE POINT OF THIS why would I read something like this"

4. Three things you'ld like to erase from this world?
Bullying, homophobia, environmental issues

5. Three things you could not live without:
Family, friends, drawing supplies
This sounds cheesy but it wasn't too long ago when I realized how important it's to have people around you. I would become depressed otherwise. And drawing supplies because doing something that you're good at makes you happy c:

6. Cats or dogs?
Cats! I have never had a dog but I have a cat so cats are close to my heart. And my experience with dogs is that they smell bad and your hand smells like dog after petting them DDD:

7. Your favorite Angry Bird? (dolf does not count)
: D That yellow triangle one is my favourite, it has a great expression in this stamp  :'D I have played Angry Birds only once or twice and I don't even remember what kind of ability the yellow bird has : (

8. Your favorite artist/band?
I can't pick just one because I discover new songs all the time and my favourite changes all the time too! At the moment I like Anna Ternheim, Rebekka Karijord, Aero (please check them out! Kruunuvuorella is btw my favourite song by them) and I have fallen in love with Happoradio again.

9. Do you like SnK?
I haven't watched it yet... I have been meaning to watch it for a long time but I always put it aside as if I had something more important to do :I That happens with everything I try to read or watch

10. Was I stupid when I tagged all of you poor guys? :iconimhappyplz:
Nooo I'm glad you tagged me! It was about time to update my journal and it was nice to answer your questions :D

My questions:
1. The latest book you have read?
2. Have you followed the Olympics?
3. Favourite fruit?
4. Favourite season?
5. Favourite planet? (sorry so many favourite questions)
6. Can you name any constellations in the sky?
7. The most useful or the funniest mnemonic you've been taught?
8. What kind of magical power would you like to have?
10. What comes into your mind when you hear seagulls screaming?

I wanted to ask about seagulls since to me seagull screaming is a symbol summer but some people find it really annoying? D:

I'll tag:
Do if you want!
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Happoradio - Ikävä ihollesi

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Thank you for the Llama. ;)
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